Not everyone who cycles wishes to do so in lycra, there are those who want to look fashionable and trendy on their bike. Luckily for them Twentyeightco is looking to launch a range of cycling apparel with fashion as the main focus.

The Project: Twentyeightco

What Is It: High quality garments suitable for cycling made in London with the fashion conscious urban cyclist in mind.

The Brains: Daniel Prempeh created Twentyeightco, a daily cyclist himself, when he ran into the same problems in lack of comfort and utility with clothing while riding on the bike. So he created a full line of clothing and accessories that are both good looking and have features fit for the bike.

In-Depth: Most cycling apparel is focused on the performance side of things, with a lack of fashion conscious clothing available to those wishing to look the part whilst out on their bike. After all not every cyclist wants to head out in lycra, there are those for who looking fashionable is higher on the agenda, which is where Twentyeightco come into play.

In his own words Daniel 'wants to start Twentyeightco as a professional cycle-wear brand, specialising in clothing and accessories for the fashion conscious urban cyclist. Made for professionalism our garments can be used as urban cycling apparel as well as for general leisure purposes which are not related to cycling'.

The range Daniel has designed will be sewn and handmade in London with a big focus on quality control to ensure every garment is of the highest possible standards.

"We’re really excited to be launching our campaign," Daniel said. "Comfort, functionality and timeless looks are the key elements to this collection, working in a beautiful colour palette of crisp blue, dark grey, orange and classic white. We really feel our line will seamlessly fit into your life."

Target: This project has just got going on Kickstarter so there is plenty of time to show your support. Daniel and his team are looking to raise £16,000 and have, at time of publishing a little over six weeks to do so. If this project appeals to you, then click here and make a pledge.


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