Over and Over and Over Again



By nature humans like routine. The sun rises in the morning and the sun sets at night, which sets out how we go about our day and we follow it without question.

The body is the same. It likes getting into a routine and if something shocks it, then it doesn't like it and we can get sore or fatigued.

In sport it is important to have a routine so that we peak and get into form at the right time, and cycling is no different. The more we repeat something on a bike, our bodies adapt to it a lot quicker. The more 'pedal time' we have on the bike the more our muscles remember that motion and it starts to adapt.

An example is if you normally pedal at an average of 80rpm's but then start training yourself to pedal at 90 or 100 rpm's, the more you do it, the body will naturally fall into cycling at this cadence.

If you train on a turbo, try sitting at a certain power output for 30-60mins with a specific cadence. I am sure the longer you go your cadence will naturally increase, and even if you go into a harder gear the cadence will again increase, helping to improve your speed.

Repetition of various techniques, like being handed a water bottle, group riding, cornering or what to do in a race when you have a mechanical all need to be practiced over and over so that when it comes down to a race, or ride, it happens naturally.

So get into a routine of doing something a certain way and keep repeating it. The more you do something, the easier it will become and the more natural it will feel doing it.

Keep the training up, yours in cycling

The Secret Cyclist


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