Could This Helmet Technology Save Cyclists' Lives?



A new helmet-mounted safety device is aiming to significantly reduce motorist collisions with cyclists.

This wearable technology from Volvo means that cyclists will automatically communicate with cars, notifying them of their presence through the car's safety warning systems. The invention is to be demonstrated at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2015, where the car manufacturer will aim to prove its new product can reduce the likelihood of collisions involving cars and bicycles.

Made in conjunction with communications company Ericsson and sports gear manufacturer POC, the new technology is integrated into both the helmet of the cyclist and the car's safety warning systems. The cyclist and car's exact positions are shared with the Volvo cloud database. If a collision is predicted, the car driver will be made aware of the bike's presence via a HUD alert. The cyclist will also get a warning through a helmet-mounted light.

With this latest addition to a growing range of advancements in safety technology, Volvo claims it is on track with plans to have nobody killed or seriously injured in its cars by 2020.

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