Staying Sober - Taking on Dry January

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January is the month that many of us decide to take a holiday from alcohol following the over-indulgence of the festive period.

Whether you’re taking a break from the booze for health or financial reasons, or giving up for ‘good’ to support charities such as Alcohol Concern or Cancer Research UK, having a dry January can be difficult… so we’re here to bring you 5 steps to help keep you on track as you go ‘teetotal’ for the month.

1. Giving up for ‘good’

Focus on why you’ve given up. If you’re doing it for your health, why not list the numerous reasons why taking a break from alcohol can be great for your body and mind? An alcohol free-month could help improve your sleep and ability to concentrate, or help you lose the extra pounds gained over the Christmas break. Of course, if you’re doing it for charity then there’s fantastic motivation in the support (and donations) that being sober will bring to your chosen charity. Make sure you share your sobriety and get the donations rolling in!

2. Don’t go it alone

Get yourself a ‘partner in crime’! As with many things, it’s much easier to stay on track if you’ve got the support of a friend, colleague or partner. Instead of reaching for a drink or heading to the pub to unwind, why not take the dog for a walk or take a trip to the cinema with a friend.

3. Make yourself the designated driver

If you can’t avoid heading to the pub or for a night out and are weary that your willpower won’t last the night, make yourself the designated driver. Nominating yourself as the group taxi on a night out is a great way to stay dry (and earn brownie points with your mates!).

4. Save pounds!

Ditching the drink can not only save pounds around your waistline, but also in your pocket. Cancer Research have a great tool to help you work out the calories and cash that you can save by saying no to those 3 pints (approximately £40 and 3189 calories over the month!).

5. Fake it!

Just because you can’t drink the ‘hard’ stuff, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your drink! Dry January have a list of great ‘mocktail’ recipes that taste good enough to forget about the absent alcohol content!

Follow our five tips and before you know it, the 31st of January will be rolling around (and who knows, you may be brave enough to take on a dry 2015!).

Let us know your top tips for staying dry January by commenting below!

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