Cycling to work looking stylish and at the same time being safety conscious is not always easy. Yes, you could wear a lot of high visibility fluorescent clothing, but that isn't for everybody. Thankfully the guys at LUMO have come up with a great solution.

The Project: LUMO

What Is It: Beautifully designed city cycling jackets and bags with in-built LED lights. Crafted for style, visibility and comfort on the bike.

The Brains: The man behind this project is Doug Bairner, who having worked in sales, marketing and product development for the past sixteen years for Procter & Gamble, innocent drinks and Red Bull, has had the luxury of working all over the world. Yet he keeps coming back to the UK where the weather isn't always great, and as such he wanted the perfect commuting outfit.

Having been cycling to work for the last seven years, and unable to find the right outfit to do so in, he came up with the idea of LUMO, a smart, stylish yet highly visible without being garishly fluorescent, range of cycle clothing.


In-Depth: Inspired by classic British outer garments and bags LUMO adds in state-of-the-art wearable technology features with cycling firmly in mind. The result? A range of clothing that is designed for the eye, but built for the bike. Their jackets and bags feature subtle in-built LED lights that make you more visible than a fluorescent jacket, yet are completely concealed until they are switched on, making them ideal for when you step off the bike and want to look the part.

LUMO pride themselves on using top quality fabrics that wouldn't look out of place in a designer clothes store yet have all the features and technical aspects of the best performance materials on the market. In their own words 'you will look and feel as good riding a bike as you will walking into a bar'.

Target: We are pleased to report that Doug and his team have already achieved their target and are now taking pre-orders. So, if you like the sound of their goods head over to their website to get your order in now.

Pictures with thanks to LUMO

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