Emerging Talent: Knuckle Puck



Who Are They: Knuckle Puck

Where Are They From: Chicago, IL

In A Nutshell: With recent news of Blink-182’s volatile co-founder Tom Delonge leaving the band for the second time, the future looks uncertain for everyone’s favourite ‘90s pop punk pioneers. It may finally be time to quit the nostalgia fest and seek out more modern takes on their often-overlooked genre. Luckily, a new generation of fast-paced guitar punk means that those of us who enjoy soundtracking our punishing hill climbs and victorious descents with equally uplifting music have a wealth of new talent to choose from. Take Knuckle Puck, for example – a band whose refreshingly raw, youthful sound takes the influence of early Blink and replaces the toilet humour with more relatable lyrics about personal experiences.

What The Critics Say: Underground music circles can’t get enough of the music this Midwestern five-piece creates. Alternative Press’ Greg Pratt described Knuckle Puck’s latest EP While I Stay Secluded as “bouncy, emo-inflected pop-punk [that] is catchy, solid, and moving.” Elsewhere, Absolute Punk’s Blake Solomon said that the record was “aware of its surroundings to a painfully realistic degree,” praising the band’s lyrical content about modern online addiction and farcical relationships with social media.

Where You Can Hear Them: While I Stay Secluded can be streamed for free via Knuckle Puck’s Bandcamp page, but this band is bound to be even more impressive in a live environment. Luckily, they’ll be visiting the UK for three separate gigs as part of the annual Slam Dunk festival: 23 May Leeds, 24 May in Hatfield and 25 May in Wolverhampton. Buy tickets here.

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