Notstrøm: Power Through All Life's Adventures



The Notstrøm by ZNEX is a high-capacity battery whose lightweight and durable design put power in the palm of your hand no matter where life takes you.

Whether it’s for GPS navigation, making phone calls or just accessing one of the myriad apps that measure and map every movement of our lives, making sure our electronic gizmos are fully charged is a round-the-clock deal these days.

To help this modern culture, scientists at German technology firm, ZNEX, have teamed up with road cyclist and mountain bikers to create a battery pack for the modern man.

A “battery that can be attached to almost any bike without tools, with a weatherproof design that can recharge a smartphone even in the rain”, the Notstrøm is easy-to-use and fit onto a bike frame so it looks good and doesn’t get in the way.

When fully charged the 10,000 mAh capacity holds enough mobile power to fully restore an iPhone cell up to five times over. It’s dustproof and waterproof to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes thanks to sturdy construction from corrosion-resistant aircraft-grade aluminium.

While the Notstrøm can be recharged via a hub dynamo, it can also be quickly re-energised through any wall socket, from your laptop or from a solar panel via a USB port whose screw-cap cover protects from dirt, water and dust.

The winning virtue, however, is versatility: At just 291 grams Notstrøm is light enough to accompany outdoor adventurers on any expeditions, from cycling to mountain climbing, horse-riding and sailing. Furthermore, the pack has a powerful built-in spotlight of to illuminate the path ahead and your periphery, so you’ll always find your way.

Our obsession with keeping our electronic devices fully charged can sometimes make a mockery of us. There are those who will pedal an hour out of their way to a coffee shop in order to feign thirst in a bid to charge an electronic device. Two hours later those people re-emerge, phone and stomach full, wallet and motivation gone.

The Notstrøm heads-off these problems before they occur, allowing us to focus more on our lives and less on our next power pitstop.

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