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Mountain Bike King Andrei Burton Live on Blue Peter



One of the UK’s most established and successful pro mountain bike athletes comes to the Blue Peter show tomorrow (Thursday 2nd July), giving bike and sports fans alike a fascinating glimpse into the world of stunt riding.

Andrei Burton has been riding trials since the age of 13 and has competed for over a decade. The experience has kept the 29-year-old daredevil in the top 10 of the UCI World rankings for the sixth year running.

An ambassador to UK surf-brand, Saltrock, the mountain bike athlete will be taking part in a live Blue Peter show this week, showcasing the science behind the highly skilled world of trial riding.

The appearance is the latest in a series of educational initiatives made by Burton, who will reveal how the best riders appear to defy physics as they perform breathtaking stunts in the saddle.

UK Mountain bike champ Andrei Burton takes in the view

Currently Andrei competes for Team GB. One of the UK’s most successful mountain bike athletes, he was placed 6th in the UCI World Championships and 4th in the UCI European Championships in 2013.

Burton’s passion for cycling stunts has taken him all over the world and has secured him three Guinness world records, with another lined up to be broken in August. He has also made numerous TV appearances; he was part of the Top Gear Live world tour and participated in ITV’s Ninja Warrior this year.

In anticipation of his forthcoming appearance on Blue Peter, Burton said: “This is an exciting show because we are linking a visual sport with the world of science. Physics and physiology are such major parts of every sport but often people don’t give them much thought. [Team-mate] Greg and I will be showing just how we make a bike jump so high, or do a back-flip in mid-air."

Richie Jones, head of digital marketing at Saltrock added: “Saltrock is a brand that is all about the outdoors and getting people to enjoy it. One of the ways we want to bring that ideal to life is by showing not just how fun, but also how interesting sport can be and Andrei’s appearance on Blue Peter demonstrates that perfectly.”

To see Andrei in action watch this feature video where he showcases his draw-dropping skills all filmed in his hometown, Exeter and in his favourite riding spot, Dartmoor.

Andrei will be performing his skills live tomorrow (Thursday 2nd July) at 5:00pm on CBBC.

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