Kraus Evolution Captured In One Beautiful Image



In summer 2013, cutting-edge Paris based art photographer Max Riche teamed up with Red Bull and trial-biker Petr Kraus to produce a new innovative project for the Red Bull Media House.

This image that they commisioned was based on Max's Becoming an Athlete series, and the challenge Red Bull set him was to capture Kraus evolving from layman, in street clothes, to an athlete at the top of his game in one beautiful image.

Max said that he worked with a combination of continuous light and strobe light to create that cool trail effect. Everything was shot in camera in one single photo each time, and the final art came together in post-production to recreate the sequence of the movement.

Red Bull, pointing their camera lenses down unconventional avenues said that 'this new chapter in photography had its birth at dusk on a Frankfurt rooftop when Riché and trial-biker Petr Kraus took the idea of movement deconstruction to a whole new level in The Morphing Project.

Riché and Kraus morphed a founding principle of photography – illustrated first in Eadwaerd Muybridge’s “Le Galop de Daisy” – from inspiring to outstanding. Harmonizing their disciplines, Riché and Kraus choreographed a sequence of tricks and jumps, so Riché could capture Kraus's evolution.

In addition to the breath taking final product, here are some photos from 'the making of':

If you love the final image as much as we do then you'll be pleased to hear that according to Red Bull, the astounding project set the bar for the many pioneering projects that will follow it into the Red Bull Content Portfolio.


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