Dude, Where's My Bike?



When you’re locked in a long queue of traffic, watching one more cyclist wobble past red traffic lights with impunity, you’d be forgiven for feeling that you were having a glimpse of a freer world.

Ever wished the bike would suddenly disappear? Not in the instantaneous sense that would send the smug peddler into the gutter (as amusing as it might be), but in the photographic sense.

Bafflingly, some people have been intent on causing quite a few bicycles to vanish. The compilation of pictures this has inspired suggests there’s real distance in the concept of seeing our favourite people cycling sans velo.

Frankly, if you consider you’ve more important things to do with your day than smirk at people peddling through thin air, the attitude does you credit. But if the preaching politician or uber-cool film star is made to look like they’re doing a bad audition for the Gangnam Style dance, what’s not to love?

“Where will this end?” I hear you cry. The possibilities are Tour-de-France infinite and no less controversial: We’ll have photographs of receptionists hovering efficiently at chair-less desks. Window cleaners could be left diligently wiping clouds 1000 feet above Canary Wharf. Applied to video and a moving ball, the trend would have truly cryptic implications for rugby. Darts would be the same because no-one watches anyway.

But before things get out of hand, let’s get back to where we know we’re safe: Cyclists on invisible bikes. So have a snigger at a less serious perspective whilst entertaining the thrill of knowing that the Revolution of Silly Disappearances may have started here.


Arnold Swarzenegger can’t touch the musical might of Korean pop-sensation, PSY. Note the pursed lips and wind-dashed hair that tell of a Gangnam Style audition being failed in earnest. Marks deducted for toe-clips.



Brad Pitt presents ‘The Pinocchio’. Blissfully ignorant to reality, he thinks it’s all in control but he’s going no-where fast.


It may not always have been the case, but here Hill keeps a sharp eye on Bill in a serene snap which begs the question, could the Clintons be riding a tandem? We’re unlikely to ever receive a definitive answer.

Hovering smoothly along the pavement is all in a day’s work for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, looking cool even when hotly pursued by a fan, also on hover-bike.


And of course, there's Robert. 

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