Commuting? No Sweat!



“Don’t try to re-invent the wheel” – heard that expression before? Of course you have. But a New York company has done just that.

FlyKly’s signature product is, well, a wheel. No, seriously, they have actually re-invented the wheel. It’s the ‘Smart Wheel’ Essentially it’s a motorized wheel, but you do still need to pedal a bit, lazy bones! Rather than a motorized bike, the motor is powered by your pedaling.

Using the FlyKly app the motor accelerates to your desired speed after you've started pedaling which kick starts the motor. So you get maximum speed - which is 20mph by the way – with much, much less effort, so no need to walk around like a penguin at work to hide those sweat patches!

Why do I need one? You mean you’re not sold on the sweat patches thing? Weird. If you must ask, you can lock the motor with the app and track it if someone else tries to take it for a ride without asking. And it’s potentially safer too (particularly for the London commuter); without needing to worry about your speed, you’you've got more time to concentrate on traffic. Let’s face it; we’d all love to be able to concentrate more on those cycling bulldozers that people call “cars” and “buses”!

In an effort to get the product to market, FlyKly ran a Kickstarter campaign, and a very successful one at that. They set out raise $100,000 and they actually bagged a whopping $701,239! The wheel should be available to buy sometime in May 2014!

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