How To Buy Lingerie For Your Partner



For most men, buying lingerie for their partner can be fraught with difficulties. Thankfully we have, courtesy of The Perfect Gentleman and Rigby & Peller, a guide to making the process a lot smoother.

Lingerie is a delicate subject and one fraught with nerves, judging by the awkwardness most men display when setting foot inside a store. You do not want to add to the list of horror story purchases which some of our lady friends have told us, we are here to help, to smooth the nerves and make the process easy and give you confidence to make the right choice.

Preparation is the Key: As with all things a little preparation goes a long way. Try not to purchase anything on impulse or because you ‘thought it looked good on the mannequin’. Too early in a relationship and this gift might send the wrong signals, think when you might give the gift, you want it to be a surprise and a pleasure.

Start with sizes: Most men make the mistake of buying the wrong size. They often muddle up the proportions of the bottom and top halves respectively, by underestimating the one, and overestimating the other. Don’t guess! This problem is easily solved. Take a look in her underwear drawer and check the sizes. Check the size of her knickers, and also the chest and cup size of her bras. Obviously try to do this when there is absolutely no chance of being interrupted, it may be difficult to explain what you are doing.

Look at what styles she buys: Look again in her underwear drawer and check what she has. Women’s underwear is much more complicated than men’s because they have to go under different types of clothes to create different effects. The bra is particularly complicated as there are different types that suit different figures and create different shapes. Know her ‘starting’ size; this can change from brand to brand and style to style, look at the selection of items in her draw, make of note of the different sizes and the brands. Rigby and Peller are all about the ‘perfect fit’, as size is simply a number,

Colours and styles: Very ‘saucy’ underwear may get your pulse racing, but don’t buy it as a gift. Your partner may have worn this kind of stuff for you before, but it was her choice to do that. She wants you to see her as classy. Women prefer pretty and feminine. Stick to beautiful lace, soft satin, rich colours and beautiful detailing. Stick to something that looks expensive. Women tend to buy practical underwear for themselves; buy something that will look gorgeous and glamorous. Pay attention to what colours your partner wears in her outer clothes, as this can be translated to her underwear wardrobe too. Black is a very ‘safe; option for men to buy and red is not always the desired choice for ladies at Christmas, even though it is a festive colour. The added option of a gift receipt can also ensure she can swap any item, should tweaking be required.

Get a Gift Voucher from a specialist company: If gathering all the necessary information and picking the right style is just too much but you still want to get your partner something really special buy her a Gift Voucher. At Rigby & Peller this will also include a full 45 minute fitting from one of their qualified Lingerie stylists, which enables her to feel special, get the right items and have a full experience not just the gift.

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