Bike messengers and hip cyclists of the world, we might just have the perfect product for you in our latest Kickstarter review. 

The Project: Pedalbelt

What Is It: Beautiful, functional foot straps for your bike pedals. Made with from premium buffalo leather, brass and stainless hardware.

The Brains: Colin Soper is the creator of the stylish Pedalbelts. A bike messenger in Montreal it was his interest in leather-working and classic designs, coupled with the need for a pedal belt, that lead him to creating his idea. 

In-Depth: Pedalbelt is a foot retention system for flat platform pedals that offers strength, durability,and comfort. Pedalbelts work without a cage and are wider than traditional straps. They are made with premium buffalo leather, brass eyelets and stainless steel hardware which is both resistant and looks better with age.

The unique design of the Pedalbelt is simple, yet elegant. It is made from the absolute best materials; creating an incredibly durable, bulletproof product. Pedalbelts are extremely easy to install, are available in a variety of colours, and allow you to quickly customize your ride.

They are the only straps to become better with age. With time the leather will mold into the shape of your feet becoming only more comfortable and the brass eyelets with develop a classic patina. With regular care, the straps will last you a lifetime.

Target: With thanks to 333 backers Colin raised $16,938, smashing his goal of $12,000. Which is good news if you want your own Pedalbelts as you can buy them here

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