Emerging Talent: Eliza and the Bear



In a world of seemingly endless new music and bands we try to sift through the mounting pile of acts and bring you a selection of the best upcoming talent. 

Who Are They: Eliza and the Bear 

Where Are They From: London 

In A Nutshell: A promising indie rock band comprising of friends James Kellegher (lead vocals, guitar), Callie Noakes (vocals, keyboards), Martin Dukelow (vocals, guitar), Chris Brand (bass), Paul Kevin Jackson (drums). So no Eliza, and no Bear, but plenty of entertainment and joy in their music. 

What The Critics Think: "Boisterous, cacophonous indie made by enthusiastic young men who want to communicate their excitement at being alive, even if that excitement is tempered by an awareness that all pleasure is provisional," said the Guardian's Paul Lester. 

Where You Can Hear Them: They are touring with AWOLNATION in May, which will give them plenty of exposure. On top of that they have their own tour dates, so plenty of opportunities to see them, no matter where you are in the country. For all tickets click here.

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