Emerging Talent: Vance Joy



Next up in our Emerging Talent series is a young man from Australia who is making waves with his easy-going style of music.

Who Is He: Vance Joy

Where Is He From: Melbourne, Australia

In A Nutshell: Vance Joy, real name James Keogh, is an Australian singer-songwriter with lovely summer-time songs. The best way to describe his music is a mix between Jack Johnson and Ben Howard, with elements of folk and pop combined to give produce his own sound. Expect him to be a big hit on the festival scene this summer.

Keogh, talking in an interview with Beat Magazine, was the first to admit his surprise at having made such an impact: "People never considered me to be a musician, I still had a lot of learning to do and a lot of bad songs to write,” he said. “Even though in your own mind you believe in yourself and think you can do this, people don’t see what you see. They don’t see the dream and they don’t see the finished product that you have in mind. They just see what’s in front of them which was someone that couldn’t sing, or has a rusty voice, and has a couple of OK tunes. I guess I stubbornly followed it until now.”

What The Critics Think: "To say he’s bringing a riptide with him is so much more than just a pun on his coolest track out at the moment. Vance Joy sounds like the kid everyone loves. Mums think he’s sweet, dads reckon he’s talented, ladies melt over his voice and guys call him a mate," said One Trick Pony.

Where You Can Hear Him: As it stands Vance Joy isn't set to tour in the UK until September, when he has seven live dates. However, don't be surprised to see him popping up at festivals, both in the UK and Europe, over the summer months.

Image courtersy of http://vancejoy.com/

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