Emerging Talent: Dexters



Listeners of Xfm will most likely already heard of this band, but for those who don't let us introduce you to Dexters.

Who Are They: Dexters

Where Are They From: East London, United Kingdom

In A Nutshell: Another indie band to come out of London, although these boys have something different about them. Tom Rowlett (vocals), Chris Heggie (guitar, backing vocals), Ben Debo (lead guitar, backing vocals), Vincent Dignan (bass, backing vocals) and Chris Mardon (drums) have slowly emerged as a quality group, with clear influences from the likes of the Strokes, the Jam and the Clash.

“We love guitars and stuff with weird sounds you can really pin down. Also songs that have big hooks and choruses that you’d wanna sing along with," explains lead singer Tom Rowlett.

What The Critics Think: "I’m not going to try and tell you that East London’s Dexters are massively different from other bands out there in their genre group," says Ngawara Madison of Music Vice.

"I’m also not going to tell you that you’re going to hear something that will blow your mind and make you think about the world in a different way like never before. No, but I am going to tell you to catch a show, because chances are you’ll have an epic night, you’ll love the music, and you’ll like the lads if you get a chance to speak with them. They’re not life-changing but they are BLOODY good!"

Where You Can Hear Them: The band are on tour now in the UK, and will also be playing gigs in Germany before heading home to hit the festivals this summer. 

Image courtesy of www.dexters.co.uk

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