Emerging Talent: Chvrches



A band that have caused a bit of controversy (just google Lauren Mayberry to see what we mean) since they emerged on the scene Chvrches are ignoring the internet haters and making a statement with their music. 

Who Are They: Chvcrhes

Where Are They From: Glasgow, Scotland 

In A Nutshell: This Scottish electro-pop trio originally formed in 2011, but in their own words, 'made our first wobbly steps into the public realm by posting a song on Neon Gold music blog in May last year'. They are slowly establishing themselves, and are another band that Xfm have ear-marked for great things this year. Whilst the aforementioned radio station are not a music oracle, they do seem to have a knack of picking winners, take Haim for example.  

What The Critics Think: "Chvrches are – in spirit, if not in sound – indier than most indie bands," says NME's Barry Nicolson. "All told, while not every track [on their album 'The Bones of What You Believe'] has the immediacy of 'Lies' or 'Recover', there's not a weak one among them. Chvrches have stuck to the bones of their beliefs, and you're going to want to suck the marrow right out of them.

Where You Can Hear Them: Whilst they have a tour with enough dates to make most bands jealous, sadly most of them are in Europe and America. However, expect more than the five UK dates to be added over the coming weeks. 

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