Emerging Talent: Jimi Goodwin



Not an emerging talent in the truest sense given his success with the Doves, yet given he has just released his debut solo album Jimi Goodwin makes the cut. 

Who Is He: Jimi Goodwin

Where Is He From: Manchester, England 

In A Nutshell: Anybody who was a fan of the Doves will be sure to enjoy Goodwin's debut solo offering, Odludek - meaning 'recluse' in Polish - given his vocals were so prominent in the group. Interestingly he has teamed up with Elbow, offering support for Guy and the boys on their forthcoming tour, and will hope that this tactic gives him the exposure he clearly desires. The album offers a mix of Goodwin's own influence, with obvious undertones of Doves mixed in. 

What The Critics Think: "You get the impression that this is a solo album that’s not the result of any inter-band animosity, simply the creative urges of one member encouraging him back into a studio with a host of interesting ideas. Though occasionally he could have done with his band mates to act as a quality control barometer, overall Odludek shows that Goodwin made the right choice to step back onto the treadmill," said Aaron Lavery of Drowned in Sound.

Where You Can Hear Him: As we mentioned above Goodwin will be on tour for a month with Elbow, but then embarks on his solo tour, where he already has 19 dates planned. Also, if the rumour mill is to be believed he will be making an appearance at Worthy Farm this summer. So plenty to keep him busy.

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