Emerging Talent: M+A



M + A, consisting of Michele Ducci and Alessandro Degli Angioli, were recently selected as one of eight finalists in Glastonbury’s emerging talent competition, ahead of thousands of entries.

Who Are They: M + A

Where Are They From: London and Italy

In A Nutshell: The Italian duo’s brand of smooth pop is in tune with the current popularity of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories with its melodic hooks, soulful synth and electronic vibes. M + A’s newest album, These Days, offers a breezy combination of jazz, beats and pop, providing a perfectly alternative sound made for summer.

What The Critics Think: “These Days is a thoroughly impressive account of the duo’s sophisticated approach to dance pop, marking them out as well worth keeping an eye on”, says Chris Tapley of The Line of Best Fit. Contactmusic believes “M+A explore dance music as a medium for emotional expression”, suggesting that their “euphoric electronic pop is clever, but not for cleverness' sake”.

Where You Can Hear Them: Whilst the duo have been focusing on live shows in Italy this year, M+A will shortly be finding out whether they have secured a slot on one of Glastonbury's main stages this year following the final of the emerging talent competition on April 5th 2014.

Image courtersy of http://www.ma-official.com/

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