Trigger Bell



In an age of technology driven inventions it isn't often that we see one that stays true to the old school, which is exactly what Trigger Bell does.

The Project: Trigger Bell is a bike bell which allows cyclists to quickly warn other road users that they are approaching while they maintain complete control of their bike and keep their eyes on the road. The creators say that users can ping their Trigger Bell whilst braking, turning and changing gear.

What Is It: Trigger Bell is currently patent pending and is a very simple modification to traditional bike bells in that it is secured under the bikes handle bar. The reason that this bell is potentially revolutionary is because it means that cyclists don’t have to loosen their grip or stretch a finger or thumb to ping. Nor do they have to choose between braking and pinging or take their eyes of the road.

The Brains: Founder Stefan Buxton says that ‘Trigger Bell came to life after I had an accident with a car when I had to swerve my bike to avoid a pedestrian who had stepped into the road without looking. This may have been prevented had I been able to ring my bike bell safely to alert the errant pedestrian. I strongly believe that with the right kind of warning system in place such accidents can be avoided’.

In-Depth: Trigger Bell is always within easy reach of a cyclists thumb, making it very quick to ping. Based on their own road tests, they have found that a cyclist travelling at just 10mph will ping Trigger Bell between 8 and 20 feet sooner than a traditional bell. The ergonomic trigger also means that the riders thumb moves in a more comfortable and natural direction than traditional bells, according to the makers.

Target: The Kickstarter project has a funding goal of £5,200 and with less than a week to go, Trigger Bell has doubled its funding target. They’re still welcoming pledges though so if you’d like to help them get to market then check out their campaign here.

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