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With the mammoth catalogue that Netflix has to offer, it can feel a bit intimidating to know what is worth watching and where to start.

Yet, I am here to enlighten you upon a fantastic series named, ‘White Collar’ created and produced by Jeff Eastin, the man that brought us Graceland in 2013. Created in 2009, it has just been renewed for a 6th season, White Collar is an exciting, clever and funny series that will have you hooked from the first episode. But what else could be expected with a cast that sees Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Willie Garson and Tiffani Thiessen at the helm; there can only be one word for it, Fantastic.

But what is the plot I hear you ask?

Matt Bomer plays Neil Caffrey, a world renowned art thief, forger and conman who after being imprisoned for bond forgery, escapes the high security prison to find his estranged girlfriend Kate. Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), an FBI agent who first caught Caffrey after many years obsessing over his crimes, finds Caffrey and takes him back to prison. Instead of committing him to another 4 years in prison, Burke takes him under his wing and Neil joins the FBI as a criminal consultant with an attractive ankle monitor in tow. Mozzie, (Willie Garson – Sex and the City) Neil’s oldest and strangest friend who is an expert in technology and theft, joins in the ride, overcoming his aversion to the nanny state and FBI and helps Neil solve crimes. You watch as Neil is overcoming his temptations, womanising and yet desperately wanting to gain the trust of a father-like figure in Burke.

Bomer, a Texan actor made his break in theatre until he was cast in All My Children. He then went onto star in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Glee, Flight-plan, In Time, Magic Mike and debuted his talents as a lead actor in White Collar in 2009. He was also a front runner for the lead role of Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey franchise, and fans revolted and created a huge petition when he wasn’t cast. His piercing blue eyes, coiffed brown hair, incredible charm and charismatic smile help his character to captivate and almost enchant his way out of difficult situations. He is the ultimate fashion idol that any man could learn from with his perfect fitting suits, leather jackets and casual attire; he even makes Justin Timberlake look scruffy. His acting is respectable and his portrayal extremely believable that hooks the audience into his battle between overcoming his pure naturalistic instincts to steal and his hopes to become a better person. His merry-go-round of moral dilemmas will have you with whiplash yet throughout; his likeable demeanour will have you rooting for him from the start and through difficult moments. Yet being the ultimate expert in conning people, maybe his charming personality is conning us, the audience.

DeKay, born in New York wowed his High School with his performance of Fagan in Oliver! And this was where he got his first taste for acting. He has been involved with over 80 series and films and is a respected yet not all together so famous actor. He has starred in such favourites like Seinfeld, Friends, Ally McBeal, Malcolm in the Middle and My Name is Earl. As well as bigger roles in Swordfish, Naked Under Heaven and Get Smart and is starring in many films that are in production. Yet, his portrayal of Peter Burke really made him stand out and get some recognition for his serious yet kind and funny depiction of a White Collar agent. He also lended his great experience to help co-produce and direct some episodes for White Collar. His wife, played by Tiffani Thiessen (yes that is Kelly from 90’s classic, Saved by the Bell) is a great accomplice and creates a dynamic on-screen couple with passion, love and fantastic chemistry. Definitely a crush for many a man in the late 90s and now again 20 years on!

This exciting, funny, charming series is addictive for everyone, especially if you are interested in Hustle and the Ocean’s Eleven franchise. It is intelligent and is well worth a watch, but I do warn you, like many Fox productions it will have you hooked.

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