12 Week Body Plan Challenge: Week Twelve

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Just as I thought the finish line was in sight the end of my efforts has been changed slightly. Upon seeking some clarification on a few final preparation points from UP Fitness I was put in touch with one of their trainers to help me ensure I was in the best possible shape for my final pictures.

I was handed two options; come in for the photo shoot as planned, or put it back two weeks and with their help ensure I looked the best I possibly could. After a little deliberation I opted for the latter. My reasoning behind this was that if I could improve my final physique further over the next two weeks then why not put the extra effort in? After all I am not likely to be having another photo shoot so may as well look the best I possible can.

Now I know that means this is now a 14 week challenge, but in the name of transparency, and to show the results I had from the 12 Week Body Plan, as completed per the book, I have included my before and after shots. I have, over the past twelve weeks, lived my life for this challenge and am hugely proud of what I have achieved. Not only that but it has opened my eyes to a better way of living and it's safe to say that going forward I will be living my life very differently.

However, I also want to know how far I can take this which is why I am happy to sign up to an additional two weeks of strict diet and training. Up until now I have done this on my own, with just a little support through social media to keep me motivated. I want to see what difference having an online coach will make to the process, somebody giving me specific advice based on my personal information.

So it is head down and time to re-focus as I strive for a new finish line, in the meantime here are my results from the last twelve weeks.

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