Cycling Is A Silver Bullet That Could Rescue UK From Physical Inactivity Crisis



A World Health Organisation report, released today, has revealed that more than 500 lives per year could be saved if London was to achieve Copenhagen’s level of cycling. It also cites a potential for more than 8,000 jobs to be created in the capital.

Sustrans’ London Director, German Dector-Vega, said: “The evidence that cycling keeps the wheels of the economy turning and is essential for our good health is now beating us over the head and cannot be ignored.

“We must act now to end car dependency and make cycling a safe and convenient choice by lowering traffic speeds, creating more dedicated space on our roads and by improving education for drivers.

“Cycling is a silver bullet that could rescue the UK from the physical inactivity crisis, the economic downturn and dangerous air pollution.”

Photo Credit: Tony Alter under Creative Comms

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