Cyclist Celebration: From Victory To The Verge



A man was recently left face down in a ditch as he tried to celebrate reaching the summit of a hill during the Mitie London Revolution amateur cycling event.

The event hosted 1500 riders on a 195-mile circuit which took in parts of the Olympic road racing course.

It was no wonder that Matt Adams from Basingstoke, Hampshire tried to celebrate cycling uphill for 33 miles by throwing up his hands in the air in the same manner as a Tour de France winner.

The 36 year old found his celebration cut short when he unceremoniously fell into the grass verge.

Witnessed by spectators and journalists Adams still thought he had got away with the fall until one of the organisers told him his photos would appear on Facebook.

Despite the failed attempt of celebrating in true victor style, the father of two picked up his bike and soldiered on to finish the circuit.

“I was making myself look like a fool," he said "I have no idea what went through my head, just [the feeling of] getting to the top of Box Hill still cycling. I saw the camera and thought I would get a nice photo, and unfortunately it failed."

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