It Pays To Commute On 2 Wheels



Most people start the New Year with resolutions to look after their body, get fit and save money. With transport costs increasing above inflation at the start of the year – and season tickets costing as much as 23% of gross salary – there is no better time for commuters to think about alternative modes of travel according to research recently released by bike retailer Evans Cycles.

By choosing to commute on two wheels – and ditching the gym membership, they say that it is actually possible to save over £2,000 a year.

Gareth Evans, Marketing Manager at Evans Cycles says that “only three per cent of Brits currently cycle to work and while the cost savings alone are exceptionally attractive the physical benefits aren’t to be sniffed at either. By making your fitness regime an essential part of your day it’s easier to maintain routine so you feel fitter, healthier and more productive.”

Image: Images_of_Money under CC BY 2.0

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