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As we all settle into the new year it is time to take a look back at 2013 and celebrate the 'Gentlemen of the Year', in association with the Perfect Gentleman.

These gentleman have been selected by the Perfect Gentleman team not only for their contributions to their fields of expertise, but also their actions behind the scenes, their behaviour away from the spotlight and for Gentlemanly acts that we or our friends have spotted.

They are not ranked in anyway, but are there to stand as examples for those Gentleman seeking to do better in 2014.

Tom Hiddleston - Actor

Once again Mr Hiddleston graces the Gentlemen of the Year list. He has had another successful year on the cinema screen, with the sequel to Thor but Cannes favourite Only Lovers Left Alive, and also made a successful return to the stage with Coriolanus.

What we think that makes him a true gentleman is his manners off camera, handing jackets to ladies, always knowing the right thing to say and with humour and charm.

Oli Barrett – Entrepreneur

Oli Barrett is the first businessman on the list. A successful entrepreneur and founder of a number of businesses, including most recently Cospa, and frequent intrepid leader, often taking missions of UK entrepreneurs overseas. He has been hailed by Wired the ‘most connected man’ in Great Britain.

He is a true gentleman and about whom no one has a bad word to utter, which is a very hard thing in to do in business. This year he deservedly received his MBE for services to business and entrepreneurship.

Patrick Stewart – Actor

Patrick Stewart’s career has been a strong one, to say the least. Be it television, film or theatre he spans the three mediums with ease. Once again he has taken the stage by storm with fellow gentleman, Ian McKellen, doing Pinter’s No Man’s Land on Broadway. This year he was married to Sunny Ozell, by Ian Mckellen.

Apart for his love of the Selfie, he is a passionate spokesman looking to stop domestic violence, and now for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is a gentleman both on and off the stage.

Patrick Grant - Designer, Tailor and Businessman

It was the good people on who resoundingly voted for tailor Patrick Grant to be on the Gentlemen of the Year list. Patrick revived Norton & Sons, in the process launching two further brands, E Tautz and Hammond & Co. He is frequently on the television and always appears in various 'Top Dressed' lists.

Not only is he a staple of Men’s Style, according to all reports from Perfect Gentleman contributors and team he is a jolly decent fellow.

David Suchet – Actor

Another stellar actor graces our list this year, and David Suchet’s career has also spanned film, theatre and television.

He is known for his definitive portrayal of Agatha’s Christie’s Poirot, in which last year he finished putting onto screen all of Ms Christie’s work. 

Another achievement of his, for which we are equally proud, is his successful long term happy marriage to Sheila Ferris. He is a true Gentleman in all respects.

Andy Murray – Tennis Player

Andy Murray returns to the list for a second year after becoming the first male singles Wimbledon Champion since Fred Perry.

Since the public embraced him last year, and following a successful full year on the circuit starting with a Gold Medal and ending with the Wimbledon Championship, he has proved he is a worthy and gentlemanly champion, long may he continue in this vein.

The journey is sometimes the thing, and Andy has been on that journey and to top it off, won BBC Sports Personality of the Year. His Championship win even made the stone-faced Ivan Lendl smile, a truly gentlemanly feet.

Paul Smith – Designer & Businessman

The legend of men’s fashion has been at the forefront of British style for over four decades, and responsible for a truly international and successful business.

This year he wrote his first book about himself as well as having an exhibition at the Design Museum. We love his combination of success, style and business savvy and the fact he is continually working to make British Fashion stand tall around the world – for that we salute you.

With thanks to the Perfect Gentleman

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