Are You What Netflix Are Looking For?

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This week Netflix announced that they are looking for people just like you to apply for a job as a 'Tagger'.

But what is a tagger?

A Tagger helps categorise the vast amount of content available on Netflix. They work to label films and TV shows with specific terms so they can be easily searched for within the database.

But what does the role entail - do you really get to sit and watch hours of TV sitcoms and films and get paid for it?

The simple answer is yes.

You watch the programmes, some that have not even been released to the public on the internet site and after watching the title the tagger sits down and browses through hundreds of tags to label it, this can take up to an hour. You decide the difference between a crime thriller and a psychological thriller, a rom-com and a slapstick comedy and taggers are the reason you get recommendations at the end of your program selection.

They already exist in the US and around the world and they are rumoured to include film directors and former members of StereoLab. But Netflix are realising how humorous and talented us Brits are with television and film and are now searching for UK and Ireland-based roles.

Sounds perfect right? Well, as long as you can show that you have a deep understanding of movies and TV shows this stands you in good stead. A degree in film or TV is a bonus and if you are used to working from home then stick that in your application too! If you have worked for a production company or written synopses this will also be in your favour when you apply. The job description states claims responsibilities will include acting as a UK cultural consultant and highlighting UK cultural specificities and taste preferences - does this however only mean UK content will be needed to be tagged?

Applicants shall be tested by being shown groups of five different titles at a time - then pick one word that summarises the lot of them - if you can match closest to Netflix and their opinion then you shall be successful!

Take some time and think deeply before you apply, because if this means you have to watch Keith Lemon's film over and over again - you may prefer just watching good content rather than being subjected to that type of TV or film.
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