Top 5 Remote Working Locations in London



There has been a huge rise in popularity and uptake of remote working in recent years. Whether it’s at home, in a coffee shop or on the beach, more and more people are doing it. I’m even writing this article whilst working remotely!

But where is best to work? Is it the little office you’ve set up at home or one of the countless coffee chains that line our high streets? That’s where I come in...Here are the top five remote working locations in London.

Ziferblat, Old Street near Shoreditch High Street

You probably haven’t heard of this one, but it’s a good’un. It’s a completely new take on the concept of the coffee shop. In just about every single coffee shop customers feel like they need to buy another drink and another drink and another drink if they want to stay for any length of time. Not at Ziferblat. Here the drinks, the food and the WiFi is...FREE! That’s right, rather than charging for food and drink, Ziferblat charges 3p for every minute you’re there – so that’s £1.80 for an hour and much cheaper than a cup of coffee in most places. And you can even bring your own food and drink!

Ziferblat - which has already taken off in Russia - works like this: when you enter you are greeted by a collection of eccentric clocks, you choose a clock and write down the time at which you picked it up, as you leave staff check your time and charge you.

The Big Chill House, around the corner from King’s Cross Station

It’s in the name isn’t it? Based in a modernised Victorian pub, its website says The Big Chill House ‘brings a taste of Shoreditch to King’s Cross’.

As a converted pub, there is plenty of seating space in the main area and you’ll rarely struggle to get a table to set up on. There’s a particularly appealing lunch time menu just waiting to help you get through an afternoon of work. If it’s a nice day, you can always head up to the roof terrace to work and catch some sun at the same time. After a hard day’s work at The Big Chill House, you’ve got every reason to stay, with live music most evenings.

Foyles Cafe, Charring Cross Road in Soho

Is there a better place than a bookstore to get you in the studious mood? What about a bookstore in Soho? The top floor of Foyles is a great cafe with quality food and drink to match. There is plenty of space, so you won’t struggle to find a spot to set up camp for the day. And you can do just that. You won’t feel any pressure from the staff to make purchase after purchase in order to stay. As you work, the jazz music soundtrack in the background creates a lovely, friendly atmosphere as well.

Ozone Coffee Roaster, Shoreditch

This is a great one if you need to have the odd meeting here and there – because let’s face it; you’d be looking for a great coffee shop to have your meeting anyway. Down the steel and cable stairs there are ‘quiet corners’ which are perfect for hosting your little meetings. And Ozone has it covered if you’ve got a bigger meeting planned with a larger dedicated conference room (stylishly decorated of course!).

Away from the meetings, there is great food on offer including hot sandwiches and its speciality; eggs Benedict. If you’ve been working hard and fancy a break, you can always take a seat at the bar which provides the perfect view of Ozone’s kitchen, and get chatting with your neighbour.

Look Mum No Hands, Old Street

Part bike workshop, continental part cafe – doesn’t that sound perfect? That’s exactly what Look Mum No Hands is. The walls feature news pages featuring cycling stories and the window displays change every month.
The coffee is good, but this place comes into its own when the weather is nice. You can head out to the leafy sided garden with a bottle of the house special, Bellerose ale. And if you buy ten bottles you get a free cycling cap! A fresh fruit smoothy goes well in the sun too. When you’re done being a busy bee with your work, there are plenty of people just like you ready to talk about the latest cycling news.


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