Tour de France Inspires UK Cycling Boost



A poll of 500 individuals by charity Sustrans has revealed that a quarter of Britons have been inspired by the Tour de France to try cycling or cycle more often. .

The poll, conducted on Friday, revealed that:

Nearly a quarter of respondents (24.6%) felt inspired by the Tour to try cycling or intended to cycle more
London was the most inspired area where nearly a third of respondents (29.3%) intended to cycle more
30% of respondents listed improved cycling infrastructure as the key factor that would help them cycle more
Malcolm Shepherd, Chief Executive for Sustrans commented:

“What a show cycling has seen since the Tour de France hit Yorkshire just a few weeks ago. If the Governments ‘cycling revolution’ is to go ahead they must be quick to capitalise on this public passion to reap the benefits in health, congestion and the economy to be had with higher levels of public cycling.

“These public spectacles have been good for the soul of the nation, but the Government must now act to meet this enthusiasm and demand for safer cycling by committing to serious long term funding for safe cycling infrastructure and reducing speed limits to make our roads less hostile.”

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