Guinness And The Art Of Conversation



In a bid to highlight the growing trend that sees mobile phones ruining social situations on an ever increasing basis Guinness have decided to take a stand. Renowned for their superbly filmed adverts the Irish brewing company has had enough of mobile phones, which is reflected in their new tongue-in-cheek advert.

Instead of a pint of Guinness on the bar there is a pile of cellphones, under which the slogan reads; 'Enjoy Responsibly. Phones down, please'. Whilst clearly tongue-in-cheek the advert addresses a deeper issue that now sees people glued to their phones whilst out, especially in pubs. There was a time, hard as it may be for some to imagine, when people went to the pub to enjoy a drink and a good old conversation, although the rise of smart-phones has seen that change.

Social interactions are vital to building friendships, as well as a sense of community, and Guinness have realised that we are heading away from a society where people talk to each other face-to-face. The art of conversation is a life skill that we all need, not just between our friends but in every aspect of life, yet we are seeing phone sdestroy that skills slowly.

So next time you are at the pub, put your phone down and engage with your friends in a manner that will have a lasting effect. If you are really struggling make a game of it, first person to touch their phone buys the next round of drinks.


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