Review: Primus ETA Spider



For those who have ever been to a music festival you will know that one of the biggest costs, your ticket aside, is food and drink once you are there. So, the longer the festival, the greater your costs are going to be in sustaining your energy levels, unless you do all of your own cooking.

But then the thought of cooking at a festival is, on the whole, a largely unappealing one given it means lugging yet more equipment in. By the time you have loaded yourself up with a rucksack, tent, camping chairs, air bed and crate of beer there isn't much room for a camping stove, and the last thing you want to do is have to come back to get more stuff. But what if you had a camping stove that took up minimal space and was just as effective, if not better, than the bulkier offerings on the market?

Enter the Primus ETA Spider, a stove that packs up into a small and very easy to carry bag complete with cooking pan and eating bowl. Having been to Glastonbury before, and spent a small fortune on food over the five days, I wanted to keep costs down a little this time around, as well as enjoy decent food. Taking a Primus ETA Spider with me was the perfect solution. Light (all in it weighs just 600g), easy to carry, even easier to use and hugely effective it was the perfect camping accessory.

The thing that impressed me the most was the speed with which it cooked food and boiled water, which is due to the heat exchanger built into the base of the stove. And the designers have clearly thought of all the little things, such as the lid for the pan doubling up as a colander, making life that much easier if you need to drain boiling water off in a safe manner. Running low on fuel? Not to worry, you can start the cooking process and then transfer the pan to the carry case, which is fully insulated, and let it finish cooking in there to ensure you have enough gas for a cup of coffee in the morning.

Verdict: The Primus ETA Spider is a must have accessory for any hardy festival goer or camping enthusiast. Highly efficient, easy to use, easy to carry and looks the part to.

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