The Story Of 'Road Bike Party 2'



The video starts with the statement ‘some of the following scenes should not be attempted’ and only 1 minute into Martyn Ashton’s first ‘Road Bike Party’ video, it’s glaringly obvious as to why a copycat deterrent announcement was necessary. Take a look for yourself....


Martyn describes his journey as ‘not conventional but a lot of fun’ and a minute into viewing it’s clear that he’s not lying. Martyn starts reasonably tamely by entering a skate park and performing tricks within the bowl. He then exits on a skateboard, whilst still riding his bike. Moments later we follow Martyn as he hurtles down cliff faces scaling giant rocks by hopping on one wheel.

The pace picks up as he mounts an abandoned plane and performs tricks on the wings and then crosses over the bridge by Temple Meads station in Bristol, but he doesn’t take the cycle lane, Martyn rides on the narrow ledges of a bridge overpass in a spectacular fashion.

Road Bike Party was a huge hit for the perennial trials star, however, since shooting the video, tragedy struck; the international mountain bike trials legend and ex-World Champion was injured during a trials demo held on Sunday 1st September at Silverstone’s Moto GP, England.

During one of his stunts, he fell backwards and hit the ground from 3 meters with substantial force. The impact caused tremendous damage to his spine and once he had been stabilised on the ground, he was swiftly airlifted to Coventry Hospital where he received emergency treatment and was admitted to Intensive Care.

It was at this time that he was almost finished shooting the sequel to Road Bike Party video. However, due to the fact that Ashton had lost the feeling in his legs, the video looked set to remain unfinished. Yet, rather than shelve the highly anticipated sequel, Martyn recruited the help of Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg to complete the follow up.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, the finished product is a testament to each rider’s undisputed talent and their capability when it comes to riding a made-for-speed bike beyond realms that many thought possible. 

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