7 Active Holidays For Adventurous Travellers



Not everyone is content with lazing around on beaches when they take a holiday. Many of us would rather be conquering waves on a surfboard or water skis than staring into placid blue waters from a sunbed. If your thirst for adventure is greater than your thirst for cocktails in the hotel bar, there are a wide range of active holidays around that world to suit your needs.

How about paragliding from lofty mountaintops in the Middle East or conquering walks up active volcanoes in Indonesia? Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered with these active holiday destinations.

Mountain biking in Morocco

Road bikes might be slick and speedy, but some situations call for a pair of chunky mountain bike tyres. Take the rugged peaks of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco – you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to see the ancient Sidi Chamarouch Shrine or the small village of Imlil, 5,710 feet above sea level. The Domaine Malika hotel is an ideal base, located in the foothills of the mountains and offering its own tailored bike and hike tours.

Surfing in Costa Rica

Carve up waves in the open water before returning to a luxury boutique nestled on the edge of the Costa Rican jungle. Expert local instructors are on hand to ride the tide with you during an active stay at the Florblanca, located on the pristine beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula. There’s more to explore with horse riding, zip lining and hiking, and if you feel like chilling out after your adventures then the natural feel of this retreat makes it a breeze.

Triathlon training in Thailand

Up your game at world class training facilities in Phuket. There’s pro coaching available for athletes of all abilities with the Thanyapura Triathlon, where surroundings include quiet local roads and awe-inspiring mountainous terrain to push competitive souls to their limits. For an alternative to traditional training, engaging in a spot of Muay boxing means you can work local culture into your fitness routine.

Triathlon training in Thailand

Jungle and volcano trekking in Bali

It doesn’t get much more adventurous than hiking through jungles in Bali. Crater lakes and ancient temples are yours to discover here, while monkeys and exotic birds watch on from the branches. One particularly extreme trek involves a climb up Mt Batur, an active volcano with steam fissures so hot you can cook your breakfast eggs on them. The Lakeview Eco Lodge in Kintamani makes a great starting point for one of these hikes.

Waterskiing in the Lake District

A break in the UK can be just as adventurous as a trip abroad. The Lake District provides plenty of opportunities for action, particularly if you situate yourself on the shoreline of one of its glorious waterfronts. Windermere’s Lodge on the Lake provides thrill-filled days of waterskiing, kayaking and boating, mere splashes away from its decking area and private beach.

Skiing in Switzerland

The Swiss know their skiing, so whether you’re used to blitzing it down black slopes or would rather take a leisurely mountain tour, you’ll be in good hands. For an all-abilities trip, Gstaad is one of the largest and most renowned ski areas in Europe. Try the Alpina Gstaad, where you can also enjoy hiking and mountain biking while enjoying access to the hotel’s Six Senses spa.

Skiing in Switzerland

Paragliding in Oman

Soaring above mighty mountains beneath a paraglider is one of the more spectacular ways to see the sights of the Musandam Peninsula in Oman. Hiking around the rocky crevices below will allow you to get a closer view of the unique rocky environment, while long, sandy beaches and turquoise waters provide a nearby paradise to recharge from. The Six Senses hotel in Zighy Bay will set you up for this Middle Eastern adventure.

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