Emerging Talent: Superfood



Who Are They: Superfood

Where Are They From: Birmingham

In a Nutshell: Reviving the spirit of Britpop with added 21st century bite, Brummie four-piece Superfood are more than just a ‘90s throwback. Hurling themselves into catchy, distinctive songs about the banalities of suburban youth, expect some impressive guitar work and a particularly tight live performance if you decide to catch them live.

What The Critics Think: The Guardian’s Mark Beaumount places Superfood in the Blur camp of Britpop rivalry, but recognises a broad range of influence that goes beyond ripping off the Parklife legends. Reviewing big single ‘TV’, Beaumount likens the band to “all of the best bits of Britpop, from the Wire-indebted groove of Elastica's Line Up to Supergrass's high-pitched teenage howling.” Elsewhere, Harriet Gibsone of NME coined the term “Bratpop” for their snarling ‘90s-inspired sound.

Where You Can Hear Them: Superfood are touring the UK from now until November, visiting intimate local venues to fill small rooms with their big sound. Witness the resurrection of Britpop up close - more information and tickets are available here.

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