The Me-Mover



​The latest Kickstarter campiagn that's caught our attention is this surprisingly versatile 'step machine with wheels'.

The Project:

What Is It: Me-Mover is an awesome new way to get around the city, combining elements of walking, running, cycling and skiing to create a versatile and healthy mode of transportation.

The Brains: Jonas Eliason is the 'Chief-Mover' leading the team of Danish brainboxes behind this contraption. The Copenhagen native wants to bring the idea of sustainable and active life that is already ingrained in Scandinavian culture to the rest of the world. “The Me-Mover is a great ride, from walking to driving speeds,” he says. “It’s very safe; you stand up and have a perfect overview of the traffic.

“Our dream is to bring Scandinavian lifestyle to everyone, by making moving convenient and fit, anywhere. That is what Me-Mover is all about.”

In-Depth: Marketed as the 'step machine on wheels', Me-Mover works intuitively, taking minutes to learn. Its advantages over more traditional modes of transport include improved ergonomics and posture, visibility, steering and exercise. With three wheels, the product offers a new way to ride, standing and stepping in a natural manner at any pace you choose, from casually walking to moving at the speed of a bike.

The Me-Mover was designed with the way we move around cities in mind, making it a complete solution for getting around town. From weaving busy streets, gliding through park trails, perusing flea markets and dashing down bike lanes, the user has a huge amount of control over the machine and can vary the intensity of movement to the desired speed and workout level.

Walkers, runners, cyclists and skiers can all benefit from the Me-Movers innovative method of exercise. The product even steps up the efficiency of some workouts – runners will enhance core training and lessen impact, while skiers can work on their turns and conveniently stay fit all year round.

Being green is one of the key mission statements for this project. Recognising that the first consideration when choosing to get around is convenience, it has been designed to go everywhere and folds down to be carried indoors. “When personal transit is this handy, it becomes second nature to burn calories instead of fuel,” boasts the Kickstarter campaign.

Target: Evidently inspiring a new generation of urban movers, the Me-Mover has already beaten its target… three times over. In fact, the product has been such a hit that the team is now asking its backers about new add-ons that will make it even more versatile.

Have your say and get your mitts on your own Me-Mover by backing the campaign here.

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