Cycle Snap



Anyone seeking a simple, elegant and affordable method of bike parking, look no further.

The Product: Cycle Snap

What Is It: Cycle Snap is an innovative and easy bike parking solution, allowing cyclists to easily park their bikes vertically or horizontally.

The Brains: Joey King, a cyclist and entrepreneur based in Houston, Texas. King invented the product after becoming frustrated at his family’s cluttered garage, filled with bikes that needed constant re-arranging due to tripping over kickstands and running into handlebars. Vowing to find solution that was affordable as well as efficient, Cycle Snap was born.

In-Depth: Providing an extremely easy way to park bikes and save space, Cycle Snap allows vertical or horizontal bike parking. The vision for this product is to see it in both family garages and urban environments, offering cyclists everywhere simple cycle storage.

To look at, Cycle Snap is a simple proposition: an injection moulded clamp that can be fixed to a wall with a pair of screws. But it’s the simplicity of the product that makes it such a useful device – there’s no need to lift your heavy bike and awkwardly clunk it into place, as the back wheel remains firmly on the ground whether the bike is stored vertically or horizontally.

A variety of widths have tailored to different bicycle types. Any bike with tyre widths between 1.75 and 2.25 inches will fit snugly into one of Cycle Snap’s clamps, staying safely stored until it’s time to saddle up again.

What’s especially appealing about Cycle Snap is its affordable price point. You can get one for $14.99 (£9.23) or a double pack for $24.99 (£15.38) – a big improvement on some of the more expensive storage solutions available. They’re cool to look at too, coming in black, green, pink or orange to match your own brand of cycle chic.

More colours will be available soon, with Kickstarter backers who pledge $22 or more getting to vote for their own creative colour combinations.

Cycle snap is now available to buy at

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