Proposals For Thames Deckway Announced



As Boris Johnson pushes ahead with plans for two cycling superhighways in London a team of architects, artists and engineers have unveiled their own plans for a floating superhighway for the city's cyclists.

The Thames Deckway, which would be 12 kilometres long and cost £600 million - a bargain in comparison to the estimated £913 million it will cost Boris to implement his plan - would run from Battersea to Canary Wharf along the south bank of the river.

However, unlike the plans for cycling only superhighways that would run north-south and east-west, the Thames Deckway would be for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as costing £1.50 for a single journey on it. Those behind the plans suggest that an equivalent journey off the Deckway would take a cyclist thirty minutes longer than on it.

"London needs to think outside the box of conventional solutions to solve its deep-seated traffic and pollution problems," a spokesperson for the Consortium said.

"The Thames offers vast, untapped potential to ease and improve London’s infrastructure problems. What is needed is imagination to unleash it."

As of yet it is unclear how the Deckway will deal with issues such as the HMS Belfast, and other moorings along the river, but it does show that people within London are taking the future of cycling seriously.

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