Can Cycling Really Improve Your Sex Life?



So it is official, cycling is cool. Oh, and it can make you better at sex too (well, kind of).

Everyone cycles for his or her own reasons; whether it is to improve their health, keep active, or simply because they enjoy taking their bike for a spin. But it has emerged that there is another benefit to cycling regularly.

Sex. Yes, that’s right, Sex. Intercourse. Hanky Panky. That invariably taboo subject that we all do but are reluctant to talk about.

Anybody who regularly rides their bike knows of the various health benefits that come along with it. Not only is cycling excellent for lowering blood pressure, reducing the risks of heart disease, and protecting against diabetes and cholesterol, but it can also make you a master of sex.

According to research cycling not only has the power to make you more desirable to the opposite sex, but also has the power to increase your level of sexual satisfaction, and even improve your ability in the sack!

Why did it take us all so long to jump on our bikes again?

"For men, the more the better. The typical man who has 350 orgasms a year, versus the national average of around a quarter of that, lives about four years longer," Dr Michael Roizen, who chairs the Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, said.

And it isn’t just the men who benefit from plenty of sex. A group of researchers from the Women’s Health Programme in Australia analysed the sex lives of almost 300 females aged between 20 and 65. Those who reported having regular orgasms were less likely to fall victim to illness and reported feeling more energetic than women who were left wanting more.

Whoever said too much of good thing is bad for you? Still a non-believer? Well, take a look at these five reasons why you should keep riding your bike:

1. It gets the blood pumping

Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise when it comes to keeping your cardiovascular system healthy. According to cardiologist Michael Crawford "a well trained heart can pump up to 50% more blood with every beat compared to an untrained one." We live in a busy world full of stresses and hectic schedules, so good blood flow is essential right? Right?

2. It increases self-confidence

Nothing feels better than the sense of accomplishment after completing a long ride. And this confidence in your ability and physical prowess not only makes you feel sexier, but also improves the way that others often perceive you. Confidence is sexy - everybody knows that - but beware of being over confident; that can be a major turn off.

3. It increases your stamina

Just like any endurance sport some can ride for longer than others. Luckily cycling is up there as one of the best sports when it comes to cardiovascular conditioning, leading to an increase in energy levels that ultimately allows you to go harder for longer. We’re talking about cycling guys, get your heads out of the gutter!

4. It can lead to a heightened sex drive

Following a training plan can see an increase in energy, which means there is more energy for fun things - yay for training plans! A study conducted at the University of California looked at the sexual behaviour of two groups of men. The first group followed a regular training plan, and the second group didn't. After nine months those in the first group reported a 30% increase in the frequency of sex with their partners.

5. It offers a natural high

During and after physical exertion the body releases endorphins, which produce a feeling of satisfaction. We all know what it’s like to beat your target time - you are brimming with excitement all day. But did you know they could also make you feel aroused? Researchers from the University of Chicago discovered that one in four women experiences sexual arousal while exercising.

So, there you go people, get on your bike, go for a ride and and maybe you will start to see the benefits away from the bike too. 

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