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When it comes to protecting our bikes from theft there are any number of options we can take, although maybe none as simple as a new wheel lock that could be hitting the market very soon.

What is it: Quick Caps is a tiny padlock that helps prevent the theft of quick release wheels.

The brains: Curtis Donnigton, a Bristol based engineer.

In-Depth: After 3 years of research and development Dorrington developed Quick Caps, a tiny padlock that helps prevent the theft of quick release wheels, in order to save cyclists time and effort. The lock simply snaps into place around the quick release (QR) leaver, making it extremely difficult for the wheel to be removed.

The clever design of the lock also means that it is 'fit and forget', with the lock never having to be removed unless the owner needs to take the wheel off of the bike. It is also incredibly light, weighing just 51 grams, as to not interfere with the weight or balance of the bike.

Quick Caps

The lock never comes into contact with the actual frame of the bike, instead locking to the cup of the quick release mechanism, meaning that it never scratches the bike or rattles around when cycling. While the base is clamped to the cup of the release mechanism, the lever slots through a hole in the lock preventing it from being unhinged.

Target: With eight days to go at the time of writing before the Kickstarter deadline, Dorrington has secured £14,013 of his £15,000 target from 587 backers.

"The support from the local community in Bristol is tremendous, we want to continue to reach out to and starting to gain interest from the national and global cycling communities, it’s so exciting, we are so close to raising the last £2842 and have a few days to hit the £15 000 goal," he said.

To see more of this ingenious product, or to make a pledge, visit its Kickstarter page.

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