The Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

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Visit any decent gym at the moment and chances are they will be running some form of High Intensity Interval Training class, which is an advanced form of training that alternates periods of short and intense workouts with less intense recovery periods. 

High Intensity Interval Training, usually called HIIT, is a popular training and exercise strategy for fat burning, weight loss and improving the athletic capacity of the body. So here is why you should be implementing a HIIT training plan into your routine.

Efficient Work Out: If you have a busy life schedule HIIT is one of the most efficient ways to build up a sweat and burn calories. If you want to squeeze a workout in during lunchtime, or want to quickly get your body in shape for a fast-approaching sports event, then HIIT is the best workout that can give your desired results within a short time frame. The workout speed and intense bursts mean that the total workout time is low, whilst the physical benefits are pushed to the maximum. And who said it takes too much time to keep fit?

Burns More Fats: HIIT is a very productive workout if you want to burn excess fats and lose calories. It not only burns a high amount of calories, but also increases lung capacity and body definition as excess fat is destroyed. Essentially, HIIT workout hyper-drives the repair cycle of your body.

No Equipment Needed: You need not worry about having expensive gym equipment for workouts any more, or an expensive gym membership. HIIT does not need any equipment to achieve maximum effects and can be done in the fresh, open air of the great outdoors. HIIT is all about running, jumping, rowing and biking – moving from intense periods of exercise to recovery low-intensity recovery spells. If you are using any equipment for HIIT training it can actually make the workout less effective and less productive for your body because the strain can then transfer from intense cardio to muscle.

Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle: Many people complain that in their attempts to lose weight, they also lose muscle mass as well. For those wanting that sculpted 'Greek God' look this can be simply not acceptable. However, the good news is HIIT training also shocks your muscles into life. The intense bursts improve cardiovascular performance but also work more muscles than a workout that is carried out at a consistent, average pace.

The benefits of HIIT are therefore clear to see. It is widely believed to be the best fat-burning workout you can do, while significantly improving cardiovascular ability, strength and endurance at the same time, thus making it a no-brainer in my opinion. Oh, and of course it can play an important part in lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, so be sure to start adding HIIT training to your training programme. 

Chris Smith is the Managing Director at Vivi Nation

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