Does Cannabis Really Have Medical Benefits?

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Throughout recorded history, smoking and eating components of marijuana plants have produced many healthful medical benefits for pleased participants. Smoking marijuana buds, leaves and resins as well as drinking marijuana teas are recorded as being medically helpful for: reducing pains, high blood pressure, stress, migraines and much more.

When people consume marijuana and no related harm is done, man-made laws against such actions and people cannot be demonstrably justified. Most current alcohol and marijuana laws show an unjustified preference to the publicly harmful product (alcohol) while prohibiting public ingestion of the nutritionally helpful product, marijuana.

Drinking alcohol produces more than 150 medical harms to the human body, with no nutritional medical benefits. Conversely, consuming marijuana plant products produces more than 150 medical benefits to the human body, with no nutritional medical harms.

The seed of the marijuana plant, on the other hand is the single most nutritional food source for human consumption, in the world. More than 150 different successful medical uses of marijuana have been identified throughout recorded history.

Marijuana is also recorded as being medically helpful for improving: arthritis, rheumatism, speech, alertness, bronchitis, blood poisoning, constipation, gastric ulcers, diarrhoea, epilepsy, tetanus, malaria, lockjaw, anthrax, beri-beri, palsy, rabies, and strychnine poisoning.

More historic records describe marijuana as being useful for curing fevers, sunstroke, ear problems, jaundice, leprosy, dysentery, haemorrhoids, and stomach ailments.

On the other hand, drinking alcohol produces weakness not strength, sickness not health, and death not life. It makes wives widows, children orphans, fathers fiends, and all of them paupers and beggars. It feeds rheumatism, nurses gout, welcomes epidemics, invites cholera, and imports pestilence. It brings shame not honour, terror not safety, despair not hope, and misery not happiness. It does all this and more - it murders the soul. In conclusion, alcohol is the devil's best friend and God's worst enemy.

Thousands of years before the time of Christ, a historical medical book, the Zend-Avesta, explains that the marijuana plant "occupies first place in a list of 10,000 medicinal plants given to a doctor."

Lastly, I strongly believe that marijuana is not a narcotic, because it does not have any of the harmful characteristics of true narcotics. Controlled studies have shown that marijuana use does not produce tolerance, as do most narcotics. In fact, marijuana use has not produced even one death throughout recorded history. It’s time we look closer at the medical benefits of marijuana.

About the Author: The author was born in southern Alberta, and grew up in British Columbia. For fifteen years the author worked as a researcher, analyst, and ergonomic specialist, primarily for the B.C. Ministry of Provincial Secretary and Government Services. The title of this book is Medical Uses of Marijuana available for sale in both paperback and eBook formats from Trafford Publishing,,,, and Barnes and

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