Singular Puffin Fatbike



Contrary to popular belief cycling isn't just about lycra and painfully narrow saddles, as our latest KickStarter project proves.

The Project: Singular Puffin Fatbike

What Is It: A bike specifically designed to be ridden on snow, sand and off-road trails with unique over-size tyres that ensure sharp handling, a lively feel and perfect balance.

The Brains: Singular Cycles was established in 2006 by Sam Alison, and ever since that day it has only ever had one employee. Sam is the owner of the business and he does everything from design, sales and marketing to logistics, accounting and everything in between. And he is well equipped to cover all bases with a background in financial services marketing and years of experience working in bike shops, ski shops and as a cycle courier while studying Economics.

In-Depth: Having first ridden a fatbike back in 2008 Sam thought it was nothing more than a novelty, something that was a bit of fun but would never have a future. In fact he didn't think anything more of it until four years later when he began riding on various different frames and suddenly he began to form some ideas for a fatbike frame which would be fun for a lot more riding than just ploughing through snow and sand.

The beauty of a fatbike, and its huge tyres, is that it can be ridden over any terrain. As Sam says 'fatbikes encourage you to jump and pump off every little trail feature and rail every corner. They just want to be ridden fast and hard in the tight and windy stuff and over any terrain'.

But what do other people think of the prototype Puffin Fatbike? Mountain bike rider Aidan Harding had this to say: 'The cornering performance is great, encouraging you to get over the front and aggressive in the turns. As with any fat bike, there is some initial resistance as the tyres push against the turn, but you have frame geometry in your favour. Pretty soon the Puffin has you cornering hard and wondering if there is any limit to the grip offered by those massive tyres'.

Target: We are very pleased to say that Sam reached his target and this bike is now in production, which means you can get your hands on one pretty soon. Head over to his website to place your order.

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