French Daredevil Smashes World Speed Record....On a Bicycle



At some stage in our cycling lives most of us have reached a speed on our bikes where we have felt a little uncomfortable, or maybe a touch exhilarated. Whichever one it is we may have enjoyed it for a few seconds and then eased off to a more suitable speed.

However, Frenchman Francois Gissy's daredevil efforts are sure to give even the bravest riders amongst us a few chills up the spine. For he has set a new world record by reaching an astounding 207 miles per hour on his bicycle.

Before you think modern day doping techniques have reached new heights it is worth mentioning his bike was outfitted with a hydrogen peroxide-powered rocket engine. Swiss company Exotic Thermo Engineering built the one-off rocket used in Gissy's attempt.

It took the dare-devil rider just five seconds to go from 0 to 207 miles per hour and smashes his previous best record by over 40 miles per hour.

Picture: Francois Gissy/Facebook

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