Rogue C6 Intelligent Lightweight Hybrid Urban Bicycle



What do you do when you can't find the exact bike you are looking for? Design it yourself of course. And that is exactly what the man behind our latest KickStarter project has done.

The Project: Rogue C6 Intelligent Lightweight Hybrid Urban Bicycle

What Is It: In a nutshell it's an intelligently designed, urban bicycle that comes complete with integrated LED lighting, GPS tracking and maps to name but a few of the features.

The Brains: Born and raised in South Africa and Zimbabwe David Lupafya has a long history with bicycles, dating back to when he first learnt to ride at the age of six. Bikes were his primary source of transportation and have played a major part in his life ever since. Fuelled by an early appreciation for the immeasurable value of a bicycle he set out to build and share his dream for a sleek, functional machine, available at a reasonable price point. Calling upon his 22 years of professional experience as an engineer in supply chain, aerospace materials, e-commerce and IT Services he has come up with the Rogue C6, a bike that covers all bases for city riders.

In-Depth: "As an avid biker and engineer I set out to design and manufacture the exact bicycle I was searching for; a reliable, technical advanced machine, with the best quality materials," said David Lupafya, the Principle Designer of Rogue Bicycles.

"The development of the Rogue C6 emerged from my inability to find a bicycle on the market that provided me a lightweight, efficient machine to commute, tour, or leisurely ride with my family; at a price point that would not break the bank. As an avid biker and engineer, with an eye for detail and style, I set out to design and manufacture the exact bicycle I was searching for; an extremely reliable, technically advanced machine, comprised of the highest quality components."

One of the key selling points of the bike, given the sad reality of bike theft, is that it contains integrated location-based services and can be tracked from anywhere in the world if lost or stolen. It also features the very first all carbon urban frame-set, weighing just 20 pounds, and has a strength ratio up to 7.5 times stronger than a standard aluminium frame. It comes with an 8-speed internal geared Shimano Alfine derailleur and a front and rear hydraulic disk brakes.

You will also have the ability to use a telematics application that allows you to see distance traveled and it shows maps, speed, time, hill slope, and elevation all on your mobile phone.

Target: With eight days to go (at time of publication) David had already raised $33,623. However, with the target set at $50,000 he still has some way to go, so if this is something you like the sound of now is the time to get behind his idea.

Photos: With thanks to Rogue Bicycles

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