We make no apologies if it seems like we go on about safety a lot here at The Essential Cyclist, because there is always more that can be done to improve the levels of safety on our roads for cyclists. This week's ingenious KickStarter campaign is a giant step in the right direction.  

The Project: WingLights

What Is It: WingLights are an innovative and versatile set of indicator lights for bicycles that are fitted on the end of your handlebars.

The Brains: This ingenious little invention is the work of the guys at Cycl. Based in London this international team of designers and engineers are focused on creating and manufacturing innovative solutions for cycling safety. A group of friends who shared a passion for cycling, they also shared a fear of cycling on London's roads and the lack of consideration given to cyclists. That's why they decided to take action in a bid to make cycling a safer experience for everybody.

In-Depth: Whilst cars have indicators to signal that they are turning cyclists have always been reliant on an outstretched arm to alert others of their intentions. However, in a busy city, such as London, that arm might not always be seen or acknowledged by other road users. That's where WingLights come into their own, for now cyclists could have their own indicators.

Once fitted to the ends of your handlebars WingLights' high visibility LEDs ensure that they are clearly visible from the front, rear and side. The flashing amber lights not only increase the visibility of your turning signal, but also allow you to indicate earlier and for longer, without sacrificing safety by removing your hand from the grips. They are incredibly easy to fit and mount with an innovative magnetic fixing allowing for easy 'snap on, snap off' attachment while providing a strong hold in all weather conditions. And what's more they are robust, water resistant and durable.

Target: At the time of publishing the guys at Cycl had raised £5,794 of their £8,500 target, which given they still have 24 days to go is a mighty impressive effort. Obviously we want all of the projects we feature on The Essential Cyclist to reach their goal, but given the need for increased safety on our roads this one is particularly close to our hearts. You can help they guys reach their goal by clicking here and donating now.

Pictures with thanks to Cycl 

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