Desk-Exercise: Keeping Fit Whilst At Work

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Leading a fit and healthy lifestyle has never been more important, especially as obesity levels continue to rise and poor diet related illnesses increase. Yet finding the time to exercise isn't always easy, not in a world where we have so many other commitments and obligations.

Sadly, as our lives become increasingly busier, for many one of the first things to get cut from our routine is regular exercise. 'But I work long hours and am often stuck in the office', I hear you say. To which we say that if something is important enough to you then you will find time to do it, even if it means doing it at work.

Now, thanks to this series of office-based exercises from Desirable Body, there is no excuse not to get at least fifteen minutes exercise in everyday. It might not sound like a great deal, but it's better than not doing anything at all and could just be the catalyst for you to get back into the gym, or even better, out on your bike.


View Interactive Version (via Desirable Body).

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